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Southern Bicycle League Magazine is the magazine of the Southern Bicycle League. Southern Bicycle League Magazine is dedicated to providing articles of interest for the cycling community and is committed to covering all genres of cycling culture; including racing, touring, riding with children, advocacy issues, commuting, mountain biking, etc. We are interested in continuously expanding our coverage to include entertaining human interest stories, team development and news, and changes to our cycling culture. The magazine publishes over 1,000 rides annually, from local recurring club rides to special events. Our goal is to be the linking resource for all of the happenings of the southeast cycling community. In order to achieve this goal, we encourage the feedback and involvement of our readers through subscription support, letters to the editor, race reviews, articles, photographs, advocacy updates, team news, advertising of events, etc. Our goal is to deliver the resources and news that will make it easier for everyone to get out on a bike and enjoy their ride.

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